Great product and the best price!
"I’ve ordered Gan Mao Ling common cold The product is very good quality, received it quickly on time. I will definitely use them again! And thank you!"
Alex K.
Great Product
"It is better than the other brands I have tried. Has helped with allergies and digestive issues. Highly recommend."
Cindy C.
Chinese Herbal Soup Mix For Detoxification or "Yeet Hay"
"I love this Chinese Herbal Soup Mix that is specifically for"Yeet Hay" how many of us over indulge or run ourselves over board. This soup is simple and delicious. I make soups from Root and Spring every 5 days in my Instant Pot. I highly recommend this as part of your daily self care!"
yin t.
"Wow made me feel 19 again."
It works wonders
Kai kit pills order
"Excellent product shipped fast like in town. Willoeder again"
Awesome product!
"My husband will not go a day without having his tea and has "preached" to his friends how effective this tea is."
Brandy A.
Love These Herbs and Tea!
"I am so happy that "Root + Spring" exists, and that I found this wonderful company! I've been using the "Health and Immunity" soup mix, and I've noticed so many positive changes. As a high school teacher I am exposed to so many different germs, and it's fantastic to have a way to keep up my health just through eating lunch! I plan to use at least one or two packets per month to help with this goal, and the packets also make fantastic gifts. Thank you!"
Absolutely the TRUTH!!!
"If it only came in a bigger bottle. Lol....works just as I remembered. Only complaint is the shipping time. I requested two day service and it took a week to get to me. I should have just kept it regular standard mail "
Corey A.
Herbal soup
"Fast delivery. "
Great Soup
"This was my first experience and the soup was easy to make. It tastes good and I’m happy to purchase again."
Paula L.
Feel great
"My family loved the broth! I drink it every morning. It even helps with my stomch issues when I drink it before breakfast. I will definetly buy it again."
Courtney M.
"This soup is very satisfying, especially in the cold winter months. You can add vegetables (leeks, carrots, celery) to make it heartier."
sylvia n.
Red Flower Oil
"I really enjoy the warming affect this oil has on the skin. It does not burn but it is enough sensation to get the blood circulating and help relax muscles. It does have somewhat of a menthol scent which doesn’t bother me at all. The only thing I would like to see is it be sold in larger bottles :-) The transaction was hassle free and I received my package timely. Highly satisfied customer. :)"
Christy T.
works well, and is delicious
"We ordered this for our daughter expecting our second grandchild, and are delighted with the results. Seemed nourishing and healing, who’d want more?"
Dick L.
Great Product
"Always so promptly with my orders. "
Elizabeth R.
I am revitalized
"Just ordered a second batch of Chinese Herbal Soup Mixes. The herbs are fresh and instructions easy to follow. Each order comes with ingredients like a glossory so you know and learn the benefits. "
yin t.
Wonderful Product
"This was suggested by my Vetrenarian who uses both Medical and Holistic Medicine in his practice. My cat has oral bleeding due to a mass on his tounge and this worked wonders."
Not much have noticed
"Been loosing my hair for a while now. This is my first use of this product. Can't really say I can see any difference. The dosage is a lot and that small bottle goes by quickly. Will continue to use for about three months to be sure it has some effect. "
Bernard A.
Great Product
"Does what it claims to do and lowers my blood pressure . I'm glad I found this supplier.!"
Gloria L.
Great Product
"Easy instructions and appreciate that there are no additives. "
Jennifer N.
Great and fast delivery
"Everything was great and came very quickly I will be buying again "
John D.
Horrific Hair Loss/ThinningBaldness
"I had already ordered a$700 wig. My hair has always been my crowning glory. My hair was falling out by the hands full every time I even ran my fingers through it! Went to my dermatologist and she recommended ROGAINE! $50 for couple ounce bottle! Continued application twice daily! *Talked to three different beauticians and they ALL SAID “Once you start, your hair will fall out more! Then it takes up to 6 months to see if it works for you. Then if you QUIT USING it, your hair will fall back out! YOU HAVE TO USE IT FOREVER ONCE TOU START! I ordered 10 bottles of the SHOU WU PIAN (FO-TI) Extract pills. Take 4 daily 1x (says take 2x) but also using SHOU WU CHIH oral liquid, 2 tablespoons in hot almond milk 1x in am! HAIR HAS GROWN BACK THICKER HAIR SHAFTS AND GREY IS DARKER! I NOW HAVE MY HAIR BACK!"
Linda S.
The real deal
"I used this brand ten years ago, and it was astonishingly effective. I searched for a long time before finding you as a current purveyor of this product. I’m extremely glad to have discovered your company!"
Catherine G.
"I love how flavorful this herbal mix makes the soup! I cooked a whole chicken with it and some water, and it was SO flavorful and delicious. "
Yoojoin L.
Excellent tea!
"The products I received are always in great condition and every cup of this tea is so satisfying. "
Maria F.
Postrate pills
"Has helped me will reorder"
Wayne C.
"Tea is great so far would recommend"
Wayne C.
"China slim tea is the best tea I have tried. I have tried others and it does not work like China slim tea, It only took three days for delivery. I have loss weight drinking this tea. It will make you go. Its really a good detox tea best I ever tried."
Very good
"The broth that It made taste amazing and and so nutritious. Can’t wait to try the other root and spring products "
Taylor D.