Leishipai 100% Super-Fine Fresh Water Pearl Powder


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Size 0.3g x 12 bottles

What it is:
What sounds like the strangest beauty superfood yet, may have been the best kept secret of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine of all time. Pearl powder has long been advocated not only for dull skin, but as a natural tonic for everything from adult acne to headaches. It turns out that the elements that make pearls luminous and strong do the same for the body. Pearl powder is comprised of 30 to 80 percent calcium, a well-established nutrient, and they also contain magnesium, amino acids, and trace minerals—a lot of things women are deficient in.

Leishipai 100% Super-Fine Pearl Powder is made of high quality pearls, finely-pulverized and in super convenient vials that can be applied in a variety of ways: mixed into a facial mask, clay mask, used as a finishing powder, brightening powder for the face, or taken internally as a supplement in shakes and beverages. 

Learn more about the benefits and how to use it on our blog: Introducing Pearl Powder

Which concerns is it good for?
✔ Acne
✔ Isocortex
✔ Freckles
✔ Aging
✔ Dull skin

Key benefits:
- Rejuvenates skin
- Multi-purpose
- Anti-aging

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Invigorates the skin
- Tranquilizes the mind

What else you need to know:
Research shows pearl powder helps to prevent skin discoloration, digestive issues, as the calcium coats the stomach similar to calcium supplements, and osteoporosis, due to its high mineral content.

Suggested usage:
- Mix into lotions or beauty masks for external application, or taken orally with beverages or shakes.

100% Pearl Powder

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