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Makes 4 hearty servings

What it is:
root + spring's Chinese Herbal Soup Mix for Stress Relief is based on an ancient combination of four key herbs that support the adrenal function. A recipe in Chinese that literally translates "four divinity soup," this soup will help reduce stress and anxiety as well as calm the heart and spirit.

Which concerns is this herbal mix good for?
✔ Forgetfulness
✔ Mental tension
✔ Nervousness
✔ Insomnia
✔ Anxiety
✔ Palpitations

Key benefits:
- Reduces stress and tension
- Promotes a peaceful mind
- Rejuvenates the spirit

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Tonifies the blood and Qi
- Calms the Shen
- Invigorates the spleen and kidney

What else you need to know:
It's slowcooker season, and the slow cooker is great for making herbal soups! Not only does it have an earthern inner pot, it can control the cooking temperature and achieve a steady simmer without needing close supervision.

As featured in Homemade Chinese Soups, Chinese Medicine Living, and Yang's Nourishing Kitchen

100% natural -Ÿ 100% no additives or preservatives - handcrafted in small batches to bring you the freshest herbs

Are included. Just a five minute prep time!

For maximum shelf life, please store in a cool, dry place (refrigerator's bottom shelf is okay).

Dried Chinese Yam (Huai Shan) - Enhances energy, aids digestion, promotes muscle growth and repairs worn-out tissue, and help alleviate bodily weakness from illness, stress, or anxiety

Euryale Seeds (Qian Shi) - A powerful antioxidant that tonifies the kidney to secure essence, enhances fertility and/or sperm production, and reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases in the body.

Poria (Fu Shen) - Invigorates the spleen, pacifies the nerves, tranquilizes the mind. Contains significant amounts of polysaccharides and tetracyclic triterpenes that have powerful antiviral, anti-tumor, sedative, and immuno-stimulant properties.

White Lotus Seeds (Lian Zi) - Restores health, expels heat while being neutral in nature, calms nerves, relieves heat and strengthens the spleen and stomach.

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United States United States

Chinese herbal soup mix for stress relief.

I added the mix when I made my chicken soup. The herbs went well with the soup. I was able to get a more restful sleep that night.

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Not what I expected

The flavor was nice and smooth. I found myself craving this soup. I will be ordering the stress relief again.

United States United States

The soup was good.

The soup comes with a mix and recipe card. As someone who doesn't cook soup much, the card was somewhat vague. A creative person would love it. As a novice, I looked online for help and inspiration on what optional ingredients to add. My soup turned out really good, I think. I will definitely order again.

United States United States


Love the real and special herbs in this mix. My husband made it with big pieces of chicken and lots of veggies. It mostly tasted like chicken soup probably because of how much my husband added. However, I trust the quality and care and love that goes into this brand and the soups. Will purchase again! I only had a little bit so I didn't feel any of the stress-relief components. I trust that it works though since I had a lot of the postpartum soup and that worked amazingly!

United States

Yummy soup

The herbs are well- packaged in air-tight bags. These soups are ideal for young people who wish to emulate their parents' cooking, to make. No guesswork. Can be made in instant pot or on the stove!

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