Xin Yi Bi Yan Rhynex Pills


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Size 1.06 oz (30g), 100 pills

What it is:
Xin Yi Bi Yan (Rhynex Pills) is a Chinese herbal medicine specifically formulated to alleviate inflammation and pain in the nose. It is a commonly recommended herbal remedy by Chinese doctors to help relieve rhinitis and sinusitis symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, and phlegm due to attack of wind (cold) and wind-heat (allergens and pathogenic factors).

Which concerns is it good for?
✔ Allergies
✔ Sinus congestion
✔ Rhinitis
✔ Common cold
✔ Inflammation in the nose

Key benefits:
- Clears nasal passages
- Alleviates sinus discomfort
- Maintain a healthy respiratory system

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Dispels pathogenic wind
- Diminishes inflammation
- Clears heat
- Resolves toxins

Suggested usage:
Take 10 pills, twice daily with warm water.

Magnolia, Cocklerbur, Indigo, Centipeda, Houttuynia, Wild Ginger, Goldthread, Mint

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