Magic 9 Herbal Cough Formula Herbal Tea


  • Cold & Flu | Magic 9 Herbal Cough Tea |
  • Cold & Flu | Magic 9 Herbal Cough Tea |

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Size 2.55 oz (72g), 24 teabags

What it is:
Coughing occurs in many seasons. The Chinese Academy of Traditional Medicine formulated this Herbal Cough Tea for people who suffer from persistent coughs and other cold symptoms. This tea gives you prompt relief and helps clear congestion in the throat and chest. It also relieves coughing from phlegm buildup as it relaxes the chest.  

Which concerns is it good for?
✔ Sore throat
✔ Persistent coughing
✔ Cold and flu
✔ Chest congestion
✔ Phlegm

Key benefits:
- Soothes throat
- Relieves coughing
- Clears congestion

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Nourishes the Yin in the lungs
- Calms wheezing
- Clears heat

Suggested usage:
- Simply pour a cup of boiling water over teabag and let steep for 3-5 minutes.
- Best when consumed while coughing.

Chinese Cassia, Bitter Apricot, Chebula, Pinellia, Trichosanthes, Houttuynia, White Mustard, Perilla, Lepidium, Poria, Chinese Peony, Chinese Licorice

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