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  • Allergies | Xiao Feng Wan (Itch Relief) | rootandspring.com
  • Allergies | Xiao Feng Wan (Itch Relief) | rootandspring.com

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Size 36g, 200 pills

Also called The Great Windkeeper Teapills, Xiao Feng San, Disperse Wind Pills, Eliminate Wind Powder, Hshiao Feng San, Wind-Dispelling Formula, Tangkuei and Arctium Formula

What it is:
Xiao Feng Wan provides temporary relief from the pain and itching of allergic or hypersensitivity-induced skin reactions. This herbal supplement addresses skin conditions caused by wind-heat or wind-dampness. The formula is particularly effective for supporting the elimination of allergic hives or eczema when taken quickly. It can also be used for red rash, acne, and to a lesser extent, measles and chicken pox. 

Which concerns is it good for?
✔ Skin lesions or sores
✔ Psoriasis
✔ Eczema
✔ Hives
✔ Diaper rash
✔ Rosacea
✔ Seasonally dry skin

Key benefits:
- Cools, nourishes and gently invigorates the blood which aids in soothing the skin
- Helps to alleviate redness, inflammation and toxicity in the skin
- Relieves itching

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Disperses wind
- Transforms dampness
- Clears heat
- Cools blood

Suggested usage:
- Take 6 pills, 3 times daily.

Chinese Angelica, Rehmannia Root, Atractylodes Rhizome, Divaricate Saposhnikovia Root, Great Burdock Achene, Common Anemarrhena Rhizome, Lightyellow Sophora Root, Fineleaf Schizonepeta Herb, Liquorice Root, Ricepaperplant Pith
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Michael L.
United States United States
The Best!

Immediate relief and comfort from heat hives.. I love this and will continue taking it

Michael B.
United States United States

This has been what my body has been looking for for over 25 years and finally the hellish discomforting itch ive been feeling is INSTANTLY gone!! I experienced what I found out was Heat Hives and its been one of the most unrelenting discomforts ive ever had and it got worse as time went on. I just had to see if there was a natural supplement I could take and upon a little research I found my medicine. I absolutely recommend this product and will be purchasing it for the rest of my life. Thank You!!

United States United States

My skin has never been clearer...im so impressed with these herbs. I take 6 pills 3x day. Please consider using if you have acne!

United States United States
Trying it for my dog

My dog has itchy skin and has to get cytopoint injections every 4-6 weeks. I give him 1 tea pill 1x/day. So far it is supporting him and he's able to prolong his injection. Interested to see how it does long term.

Annabel ..
Great Product

I’ve been using Xiao Feng Wan for relief of skin itchiness and allergy symptoms for over a year and it is one of the best products I have ever used for this issue. The relief is very fast and it’s definitely worth buying a couple bottles!

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