Yunnan Baiyao Qiwuji Aerosol Spray

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  • Injury Aid | Yunnan Baiyao Qiwuji Aerosol Sprays |
  • Injury Aid | Yunnan Baiyao Qiwuji Aerosol Sprays |
  • Injury Aid | Yunnan Baiyao Qiwuji Aerosol Sprays |

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Size 2 spray cans, 30g aerosol can and 85g aerosol can

Which concerns is it good for?
✔ General aches and pains

✔ Acute injuries
✔ Martial artist and athletic injuries
✔ Sore muscles
✔ Swelling and pain due to blood stagnation
✔ Arthritis

What it is:
The fine mist spray of Yunnan Baiyao Qiwuji Aerosol Spray helps to gently relieve blood circulation, pain, swelling and blood stasis. The neutral temperature allows this product to be used on acute injuries even when there is swelling. Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol breaks up accumulations of stagnant blood and fluids and is easier to apply than the powder form.

Key benefits:
- Helps coagulate bleeding
- Relieves pain and swelling

Traditional Chinese medicine benefits:
- Treats blood stasis and pain
- Activates blood circulation
- Reduces swelling

What else you need to know:
Yunnan Baiyao/Paiyao is the best-known household Chinese medicine used to stop bleeding and promote healing from wounds or internal injuries.

This product comes with two cans of different potencies. Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol Baoxianye (red colored can) is intended for use in cases of serious trauma, e.g. severe sprains, muscular strain, bruising. Spray immediately on affected area. Should relief not be felt within two or three minutes, re-apply. Do not use on open wounds or cuts.

If relief is not complete from applying the Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol Baoxianye, regularly apply the Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol Spray (cream colored can) at four hour intervals until relief is felt. Additionally, this spray has proven extremely effective in the treatment of arthritis, muscular aches and pains (Including back ache) and stiffness of limbs. 

This item cannot be shipped internationally.

Suggested usage:
- Shake the bottle several times before spray. Hold the bottle vertically with the spray nozzle 5 to 10 cm to the affected skin, spray not more than 5 seconds lest causing cold injury. For open cuts and wounds, spray with Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol Spray (cream colored can) and cover with bandage.

Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol Baoxianye (Impact Spray), Red Color:
Use first at time of injury, spray the affected area. For acute pain, spray again, after 5 - 15 mins. The active ingredients are more concentrated in Baoxianye (red-colored can) and should not be used on open wounds, cuts and grazes.

Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol Spray (Maintenance Spray), Cream Color:
For continued relief use as a maintenance spray after using the red can OR on its own for general aches and pain. Apply at four hourly intervals until complete relief is felt. May also be used on open wounds to stop bleeding and promote rapid healing. 

Camphor (10%), Menthol (3%), Borneol, Chinese Yam, Herba Geranii, Lanolin, Radix Notoginseng, Rosin, Rubber, Vaseline, Zinc Oxide
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United States United States
Yunnan Baiyao Qiwuji Aerosol Spray

Easy to order no problems with delivery. Have used product before and still happy with it. It works great! Will order again.

United States United States
It works great!

I learned this product from friends who had visited in China and was told that this is pretty much in everyone’s medicine cabinet. I bought one in China when I twisted my ankle and it really worked. I ordered immediately when my son hurt his back to help him recover quickly.

A root + spring Customer
Brad S.
United States United States
This product really works!

First, my ordering experience was pleasant. The process itself was made very easy and was not a long form to fill out. Secondly, I love this product it lives up to its name quite well. I am Heavily into martial arts and therefore get bruised up quite easy. I use the smaller product in the red bottle for immediate relief when injured and I use the taller product in the white bottle for long-term relief. It works wonders on my shoulders incomes the pain of my rotator cuff injury. I recommend both the site for the product and the product itself..

Johan v.
Canada Canada
Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol

Overall experience was very good

Kathe H.
United States United States
A must for every home with children and animals!!

Yunnan Baiyao will stop bleeding internally and externally. This product is being used in alternative cancer treatment centers. No home should be without it. I operate an animal rescue and one of the horses has an inoperable sinus tumor that bled for 2 days! I used the Yunnan Baiyao powder and it stopped, so I purchase the spray and tincture to have on hand. I have been giving my horse YB now for 3 weeks and he has not had another nose bleed. Some race horses have lung bleeds and are given YB to stop the bleeding. The website is easy to navigate and the I received the product in record time. I'm going to post this website on my FB page because YB is a very important product to have in one's home. I sent this website to all my friends who have animals. Thank you for your service. Kathe

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