Chinese herbal soups have been a staple in the Asian culture for centuries. Much like how Americans view chicken noodle soup, the Chinese also believe chicken soup can heal the mind, body and soul. Chinese herbal soups are created with specific herbs, chicken or pork bones, and water. As simple as that sounds, they are also very healthy and extremely beneficial to the body.

We are proud to bring you classic, ancient recipes of delicious herbal soup mixes that will support and strengthen the body naturally. We'll provide you with all the right herbs that you need, in exactly the right proportions, to make authentic, healing Chinese herbal soups at home. You can even use them for vegetable soup, noodle soup, shabu shabu, hot pot, or bone broth.

Whether you need an immunity boost or some premenstrual support, the herbal mix is designed for you and created in small batches to guarantee fresh, high quality herbs.